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21 August 2008 @ 12:59 pm
Business...sort of  
I don't look up from my food that the witch at the Cauldron nicely delivered as I hear a soft thud in front of me. However, I do see out of the corner of my eyes, the accounts for the shop. My ledgers and such.

"I hate to be like a stick in the mud," Velasca says following the slight thud, "but your numbers are a mess and even though you have a lot of profit you also have no idea how much profit your store is taking in or even have some sort of organization in your accounts, ledgers or anything. And those chips look good."

"Have some," I offer, having one myself. "And I understand what all that means." Just because it doesn't make sense to her doesn't mean it's a bad system for me. If it didn't, Fred and I wouldn't have gotten as far as we did.

She snags a chip, chews, then swallows. "Yes, but it's too chaotic. I didn't mean to be nosy, but I just spotted it and it's just... nuts." She takes out two slips of parchment. "Do you realize you've had these two expansion offers underneath all your stuff for a month now? Surf Tide Alley in California and Witch Alley in Salem want WWW you to expand there. There's a bill here from Gringotts that demands it's last payment to the Goblins for the loan you and your brother took out when you opened the shop- and your suppliers are all... I'm literally going nuts just explaining it to you. Nothing is in order, George Weasley. You need order. Or at least a little. A little won't kill you. Is that fish or chicken?"

"Fish," I answer simply, answering her last question. I have a sip of my drink before asking, "Are you done so I can talk?" Since she remembered her name, she's been more confident, which is why she must feel she should and could say something.

"No. Not really," she answers before snagging two more chips. "Can I have a bite of your fish? What kind? And go ahead. I already have a feeling I know what you're going to say."

"And what is it you think I'm going to say?"

She takes a fork and knife from a passing tray of clean utensils, and using them takes a bite from my fish. I almost want to smile. When she's not watching herself, she tends to do this. After taking a bite, she sets the fork down. "That it's in perfect order for you and you don't need order in your life."

"Partially," I nod. "So is the lecture done now?"

"No. Just because your business is in the black doesn't mean you can have shoddy parchmentwork. I didn't take a business course at Oxford after graduating at Hogwarts for nothing." Velasca blinks. "Okay. I apparently did that." She shakes her head. "I'll review that later. I'm going to badger you until you give in and let me put your things in order."

"Only Hufflepuffs badger," I tease.

She huffs. "You know what I mean. Now before I eat all your fish, let me organize your parchmentwork, ledgers, accounts..." She pauses, tilts her head and gives me a smile. "Please?"

"It works for me though," I protest. "It worked for Fred too."

Her smile fades. "Because there were two of you... and I don't mean to say that in a hurtful manner. But now it's just you... and you need a little help. Otherwise you wouldn't have hired me, Witch With Bad Memory, in the first place."

"But I've been running it well enough."

She sighs. "Fine. Gryffindors are so stubborn."

"Yes, we are," I grin. She isn't smiling though. "I know you don't agree, but I have reasons for doing things." I know I joke, but Fred and I did learn business.

She nods. "Understood. I'll take this back to your shop. Only put up a fifteen minutes sign and it's almost been twenty."

"Don't lose anything," I warn her, though I know she won't. So far, she has been a very good employee and hasn't lost things.

"Lost my memory, can't afford to lose anything else," she mutters, gathering the parchment and ledgers, and making her way out of the Cauldron.

I watch her go and pop another chip into my mouth. I have a feeling she's going to do 'fix' my ledgers no matter what I say.
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