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05 June 2008 @ 09:22 pm
Experimenting Gone Wrong  
I have to say, things at the store have been different since the amnesia witch arrived. Mostly in a good way. The lines for customers aren't as long with two of us working. The shelves are well stocked and it means there are two of us to watch out of pygmy puffs that decide to escape.

She's not Fred though.

Not that anyone would mistake us for twins at all. She's learning her way around the store, but she doesn't understand my sense of humor yet. I also think my lack of ear sometimes still catches her off guard. Or it could be the fact sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. Sometimes I use glamour charms and sometimes I don't. I like to change things like that. That's also why I sometimes use the headless hat. Though I found people scream more often when a headless wizard talks to them. I've wondered if Nearly Headless Nick would like something like this for himself. I don't have many orders from ghosts though. It is an idea though.

I tell Miranda to watch the store and her eyes grow wide. "Don't worry, Lizzie, you'll do fine." She frowns, probably not liking the name. Well, I guess we will have to come up with something else.

Shrugging, I got back into the back room. The lozenges are almost done. At least, they are almost ready for human testing.

I consider who I could try it on, but there is no one else to test these except me. It was better getting test subjects at Hogwarts. Easier too.

I added something of Ginny's to test it, so I will have her voice. She didn't really want to know why, which is probably for the best. I managed to get a strand of hair off of one of her hats.

Taking one of the lozenges, I pop it into my mouth. I let it dissolve, I might have to work on the taste, before I try talking. What comes out is a squeak. Wait, a squeak?!

Bloody hell! I must have gotten a piece of fur, not a strand of her hair because I sound like her pygmy puff!
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